What is happening to Krakin’t and what is the PION token ?

PION token logo
  1. Anyone can register their token
  3. Anyone can trade their tokens (there is no need for approvals)
  4. Your private keys are your own
  5. There are no log-ins and registrations required to trade, no passwords, no captcha…
  6. The exchange is independent of any centralized entity
  7. It is an actual exchange, not a swap, and not a relay…
  8. The pairs are any-to-PION and PION-to-any, which opens a possibility of the automated chain-trade and a programmable trade.
  9. The front-end DOES NOT need a server, and it can be run from any machine, phone, application, …
  10. It cannot go down and get banned.
  11. It is 100% independent and does not follow the BTC market dominance
  12. You mine the PION tokens by claiming, and therefore save time and electricity. No token-farming, no BS.
  13. There is a halving mechanism involved, and therefore, the price of the PION guarantees an increase based on a demand !
  14. Stable price in comparison to a price of claiming
  15. Token can be released on ANY network that supports smart-contracts (initial language is Solidity, but this only means that it can be easily translated to anything else).





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