The new incubator project — my answer to getting wrecked by XIO.

  1. At any moment, under any circumstances, there must be NO GATE-KEEPING. Anyone, at any stage of development, must be accepted to incubate their ideas, without sharing or exposing them (unless they want to). Token must have the core functions of the incubator hard-coded to make it a decentralized project and avoid the manipulation.
  2. The project (if published on Ethereum) must take a risk and assume that the prices to run the project will become lower in the future. Coding in Solidity is O.K., although I am not sure I like the language, it is currently one of the best approaches.
  3. The project must not rely on the community, voting, trolling, group-think and the herd-mentality in order to function. However, it does need the community, and it may be a contradiction I will talk about in the later posts.
  4. The token and rewards need to be distributed to the community and people who are making the use of the project, but it has to be independent of the external behaviours, in order to avoid the toxic behaviours (I have a solution, but will talk about it much later as I develop the project).
  1. Make their own block-chain in the future, perhaps with more wrecking and manipulation. In my opinion, this is not necessary since everything can be done on the existing block-chain technologies.
  2. Have an external call to a contract, for example, using the web3 connector or another contract. However, this is an insecure approach (the private keys must be exposed to make the internal functions work). Unless all of the tokens were minted and/or the minting function (which is internal) is called by the centralized agent, the token cannot be mined. This simply means that choosing how the rewards are distributed is regulated by the centralized authority (gate-keeping).
  3. Make another contract, which implies a lot of delays while re-listing the token to media (exchanges, etc). This can be done, but the trust-rating will be lowered.




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