The $100 artwork winner and the 10x cheaper token presale.

2 min readMar 28, 2021


Artwork Winner

We have posted 500 artworks as the NFT on the and managed to make 2 sales while uploading the content. Next thing we did was the airdrop announcement. We have placed all the artwork in the random order, and have distributed all the ETH that we earned selling the art to people who applied for an airdrop.

As you can see from the Etherscan blockchain transaction, although the price of the art was 0.07 ETH, the amount we have obtained is 0.06825. We have rounded it off to $100 and made a transfer to a first lucky winner.

The artwork which made the sale

The lucky winner was Saurabh Tiwari (@Saurabh81305962), who like many of us has entered the world of the crypto-currencies for financial reasons, while looking forward to make some earnings by trading on Binance. We wish him the best of luck in pursuing the knowledge with the amazing world of the crypto-currencies that can be time consuming, and sometimes, with a steep learning curve. We are sure that Saurabh will be a fine addition to the world of crypto-currencies, as well as the Krakin’t project, and that the reward is only a good gesture that he will remember while carrying on the good will.

Please note that you may also become the next winner, as long as the artwork is up on a sale. This has not ended, and we have just begun!

10x Cheaper Presale

We want everyone to have equal chances of getting their money reward. For this reason, we will do the limited presale, which will cost 10x less than the actual token presale. The catch is, there is only 500 artworks, and therefore only (about) $50,000 worth of art that can be sold. This means, maximum $500,000 worth of tokens can be distributed by selling the art.

So, if you are low on money or if you have some ETH that you’d invest into a random shitcoin or if you are interested in investing into a high-risk token with high yields, this is a good investment!

Furthermore, you will be able to trade the art you purchased at the higher price too, and cover your fees. In a way, you can get a free presale!

We currently do not have any reward mechanism in mind for rewarding those who trade the art, but if we come up with some clever idea, we will implement it.

Furthermore, there are many possible airdrop scenarios and outcomes (black swans), while we will distribute the tokens according to the outcome. For example, should we sell enough art, the airdrop will be 100% free. On the other hand, if we don’t sell enough art, some of the users will have to claim their own tokens. We will leave this for another post…