Reason why Krakin’t will go undercover with Krakin’t Labs

  1. Idea for a logo is similar to another project(s). Alright, we admit, Krakin’t logo is a common concept. At least, we drew it ourselves and spent half of a day on it.
Not a Krakin’t logo but a very common concept.
Krakin’t logo.
  1. The name of a company already exists (multiple companies)
  2. There are no technical write-ups
  3. Token does nothing except… being a token.
  4. Team is fake.
  5. Project street and address point to a non-existing location (131 Bain Street
    New York, Pennsylvania 01234, United States). When you Google the street name, there are multiple companies and individuals listed on this exact street-name (could be a web-template leftover).
  6. Somehow it is very hard to believe that a web-page which was made just a week ago belongs to a project that raised funds in 2019 before issuing a token.
  7. Links to social media do not exist except to Telegram and Twitter.
  8. Webpage is still pointing to a “#” as URL
  9. The project claimed that they started about a year ago, while all the sources point that they started just 6 days ago (around September 29th).
  10. Their claims are contradictory.
  11. Diagrams mean nothing.
  12. Their claims have no project support.
  13. Some people complained that their presale tokens have not appeared in their wallet.
  14. The growth of social channel members jumped from 2K to 3K just overnight, and mods haven’t slept or they are the Asian-based group, perhaps supported by some individuals in US (Florida is just a narrowed guess). Furthermore, the mods make syntax mistakes that are common to people from Eastern and Southern Asia (the same way you can tell that the writer of this blog is South-Eastern European —Slavic).
Still, the safest way to take the patent notes and draw initial ideas and diagrams.




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