KRc is getting approved, next airdrop will be via DApp !

2 min readApr 17, 2021


A very small step in a big world. KRc token is getting approved on BSC with our green puzzle-piece logo!

Although our previous airdrop did not go as well as planned, we will try to avoid the possible scams and fake accounts by creating a Decentralized Application (DApp).

The main function of this DApp will be used to build the voting platform, so this airdrop DApp will be the early prototype.

There will be two components. One component is a front-end that will be placed on the free application hosting website. Other component is a back-end service that will keep a track of users. We hope that we can make the two communicate with encrypted REST calls.

There will be one allocated address that will hold a certain amount of BNB, and airdrop will last until all the BNB is burned as the GAS money. We are planning to do this in waves, and to increase the BNB amount each time.

The rules will be simple:

  1. You must use the DApp to sumbit your Twitter username as well as Telegram username. We will ask you kindly to join both.
  2. You must have any amount of either tokens or BNB in your wallet. This will show that it is not just a fake wallet address, but that it is used for the purpose of holding the assets.
  3. Twitter username must point to a valid Twitter page.
  4. Telegram username must not point to a different Twitter page.
  5. Telegram username must exist on Telegram.
  6. You can do the airdrop only once!

If any of these rules are not followed, or if information is not inserted properly, the address will be memorized as a potentially fake address.

We will also include a claim button where people can make a claim as many times as they want, while burning their GAS money.

Connecting to Metamask and executing the command functions is exactly the architecture that we will use to build our voting platform. Therefore, we will most likely attract people who can apply such techologies and who will make a good use of their tokens.

As usual, development of this kind of a product may take several days or weeks. However, the proper announcements will be made.

The source-code will be available online on our github page: