KRc Airdrop broke Twitter, where are my tokens ?

4 min readApr 15, 2021


A few days ago, after an NFT airdrop, we have switched the Krakin’t CoFounder token to BNB chain, given the cheaper prices. The original Krakin’t project is still on the Ethereum, and it will remain on Ethereum. This is just a side-project that is meant to bring the audience to startups.

We have made another announcement:

In plain-text: Lets start the airdrop early! THIS IS A BEP-20 AIRDROP 1. Join Telegram 2. Retweet and tag 3 contacts 3. Send message to Twitter with 0x address and a Telegram username

In less than a day, we got around 5000 followers on Twitter. Furthermore, we also got around 7000 members on Telegram! We did not expect such an outcome and our Twitter inbox got bombarded with the messages requesting an airdrop. Most of the messages occurred at 9:30 AM (Eastern Time) and from Asia. Yes, something is wrong, but those are the numbers that we got. We have noticed that Telegram messages were automated and that automated bot was sending fake accounts. So, we expect that many of these are fake accounts. Nevertheless, this does not change anything, and does not endanger the token, given the additional functions in the smart-contract that we implemented.

However, after scraping all the Twitter messages, we got 3693 requests.

We will do the airdrop only to Twitter messages, because Twitter has a better security than Telegram, and it is a bit harder to fake the accounts. It is possible to fake Twitter accounts, but it is not as easy as doing it with a Telegram.

Regardless, it will be easy to notice which account was fake and which one was not, because fake accounts usually group the tokens into one single account. As soon as we notice such an activity, we will burn all of their tokens, and leave them with just a single airdrop amount. This may cause some FUD and calling this project/token a scam. We understand their frustration, but if they only read the token specifications, they would see that cheating was not necessary. Instead of wasting the money on transferring the tokens, they could simply claim as many times as they wanted and to any account they wanted…

So, we did the data-scraping from all the Twitter messages, and got 3693 addresses. It is more than probable that we missed some of the addresses, because automating the web-browser to do the data-scraping can introduce errors. Furthermore, at some point, Twitter did not allow us to see our inbox and was telling us that there are no messages. Furthermore, we weren’t able to follow-back anyone, and were almost banned. In other words, we broke the Twitter!

If you did not get your tokens, please verify if your address is here:

If your address is not on the list, then please simply re-send the message again to Twitter (and not Telegram!)

If your address is on the list, and you still did not get the tokens, please send the address as a message. We will reply with a link to your transaction to confirm that you got the tokens. This procedure may be a bit slow, since it has to be done manually, and we expect a lot of requests given the BEP-20 standard. Some people will be looking at the ETH network instead of BSC.

Next step for us is to build a platform. The users have voted that they want the platform to look like Twitter. This is alright, although might be a bit challenging to implement a design since the voting platform and a Twitter aren’t based on the same concepts.

The vote count is a too low for 7000 accounts, and we assume that many people will not use our voting platform. This is expected, and what matters the most is that tokens are distributed evenly. However they decide to use those tokens, is not going to be our concern.

We will leave everything as a low-liquidity swap on Pancake unless the allocated token amount starts to become significantly low. In the meantime, we will focus on the product and then on bigger exchanges.