Krakin’t is going to the Moon!

There is a saying:”If they lied to me, then I am lying to you”. The news is, Krakin’t is going to the actual and the physical Moon orbiting our planet, and we are not talking about the price of a token. While Elon Musk is becoming a Doge-Coin meme, we are doing the actual moon-reach!

This is what we mean by “Moon”

So how is that going to be accomplished ?

There is a company called Astrobotics where you can order a small space of a cargo-space to be delivered to the Moon in a time-capsule. We had some luck finding a free-space to ship the Krakin’t token with. We are very happy that we have made to a first launch and that we are one of the first projects to send their token to the moon.

You can also read more about the Astrobotics collaboration with NASA.

A few weeks ago Reddit post has been made with a title:”You can send something to the Moon, for free! I’m creating a Lunar time capsule via Reddit — Sending up to 10mb of data to the Moon for up to 100,000 people!

The Original Message, Screenshot

User under the name Valphon has also provided a proof and an image of the data storage he is sending:

The paper-proof of a capsule-space purchase
The data storage that is going to be sent to the Moon

So, we have requested sending a private key where we have deposited 500,000 KRK tokens!

The address is:

A transaction hash is: 0xdb8ce2d25e944798e0884e5d155004d4bfc10a9e1a74e0b25f90e5415748c3b0

A communication channel is now open to the future of the humanity reaching the Moon. You can also deposit anything you like to the address above, in hope that someone will find it.

Here is our proof and a conversation with Valphon

Assuming that the SD card won’t get lost or damaged, and that the launch will be a success, we hope that KRK token will be found, that our project will still exist, and that all the money earned will be shared.

We hope that NASA will air the rocket launch and that we will be able to share the link to a broadcast.