Krakin’t Code of Conduct and Ethics

  1. Paragraphs can be changed only if it means adding the logical and a functional value, elaborating or correcting the language in use. The written paragraphs or sub-paragraphs may be re-written into sub-paragraphs and re-organized. However, such changes must not alter the existing meaning or interpretations in any-way. Krakin’t may also add new paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, if and only if, it does not alter or contradict the existing paragraphs. There must be no loop-holes, while any contradictions that may exist will have to explain and provide the circumstances when such contradictions may be applicable.
  2. At any moment, under any circumstances, there must be NO GATE-KEEPING. Anyone, at any stage of development, must be accepted (without filtering) to incubate their projects and ideas. Nobody is to be forced to share or expose their intellectual property, identity, personal information, ideas, … against their will.
  3. At any moment, under any circumstances, Krakin’t must not rely on the voting. Sometimes, individual ideas are better than the ideas of the community, and vice versa. If an individual (or the community) wants an add-on to be implemented, then they should provide evidence and an explanation regarding how it benefits their own project. Furthermore, intellectual properties are to be respected above all and everything else. Krakin’t will implement the add-ons depending on the internal resources and the road-maps. If the change involves current Krakin’t features, designs, … then Krakin’t has all the rights to decide whether or not to make such changes. An add-on coded by the third party or an individual will be used if and only if the source-code is shared with everyone.
  4. Krakin’t must not rely on the community or culture in order to function. We all come from different backgrounds. Everyone is to be treated as an individual believing in their individual rights, and without any disrespect to their beliefs. Furthermore, the official rules will have to be respected on the official channels. This is not to be confused with the gate-keeping. Furthermore, a concept of marketing should not be confused with the concepts of community and a culture. Krakin’t should always give the higher priority to cooperation between the individuals rather than the marketing aimed toward the masses.
  5. Token must have the core functions of the incubator hard-coded to make it a decentralized entity. However, this will exclude situations where either the project that is incubated, the Krakin’t token (for example token farms) or the individual rights are abused. Krakin’t will take actions to remove and block such occurrences under such circumstances. Some of the actions may include burning their tokens or storing them in the treasury for others to use. However, Krakin’t will never take anyone’s tokens or wealth into possession, under any circumstances.
  6. It won’t be possible to make every single feature decentralized. Krakin’t should always aim toward decentralization. If decentralized technology evolves for some centralized Krakin’t feature to become decentralized, then Krakin’t will have to make a transfer from centralized to decentralized for that feature. However, this excludes incompatible technologies and programming languages, as well as the expensive and the resource-hungry solutions. No transfer is to be made if it introduces undesired risks.
  7. Krakin’t will remain a mutable token, meaning, all components (except the native Token component) can be managed. The only reason for introducing a mutable token is to be able to evolve. This also implies that Krakin’t can be a suspect to corruption. However, for Krakin’t, it only means that trust must be earned, maintained, and the risks properly managed. Mutability is to be used only for the purpose of evolving.
  8. Minting new tokens, other than by mining, is to be done under the circumstances that involve an incident or when it is required for Krakin’t to provide liquidity. For example, if some exchange locks tokens due to an internal bug or absurd rules, then Krakin’t will simply burn those tokens and mint the new ones directly into individual’s account. Furthermore, Krakin’t may mint tokens to provide liquidity, if and only if, it does not involve altering the total and the current supply. If those tokens are improperly used and sold, they will be burned immediately.
  9. Issuing new tokens in order to operate under Krakin’t should never be a requirement. Whether the business has a token or not is not a concern of Krakin’t. Furthermore, an individual using the platform should not need to understand how the block-chain works in order to use Krakin’t. All of their passwords and data are to be stored on their own devices, unless Krakin’t offers a secure service for such storage. Furthermore, user can and will always obtain their private keys if their accounts are within the domain of the Krakin’t database(s).




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