Krakin’t co-founder token airdrop — update

2 min readMar 27, 2021


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Airdrop Roadmap

  • Get around 500 unique Re-Tweets or re-posts, while giving the art to each.
  • Develop a DApp for a token distribution
  • Mint tokens and connect the smart contract to a DApp and do all the registrations, etc.
  • List the co-founders on a website
  • Make a special announcement regarding the art sale
  • Make a token presale
  • List the token on swaps providing the liquidity made during a pre-sale


A couple of days ago, we have made an airdrop announcement on Twitter. We have also made a post on the Medium about the airdrop.

The airdrop is still on, and we are going to refresh the Tweet for new people to join the airdrop and re-post the old message. Please note, we will filter out any duplicates.

So far, we have managed to collect 73 re-tweets and distributed the art to them. There were 2 sales on the and both were done by the same person. We will reward generously the person who made the art purchase, however, we cannot say how. All the money that was made will go to a random person who gets the art assigned to their Twitter account, and we will not take any profit. They will have a choice to donate ETH to cover the airdrop costs or take their free $100 and spend however they like.

Although we have managed to collect 73 re-tweets, some were fraudulent, and 22 accounts could not be reached. At the end of the airdrop, we will make a DApp where you will see the status of your tokens.

Since we are processing each re-tweet manually, it is possible that we have omitted someone by mistake. However, we will correct the mistakes, if any, so don’t worry, you are fine.

Furthermore, we have 4 people who have listed Krakin’t on their LinkedIn as co-founders. We will also list them on our website, and it will help us list the token on exchanges, do the pre-sale for liquidity, etc.

There is also a limit to amount of confirmation messages we can send via Twitter, before it flags it as automated messaging. We hope that this will not complicate our communication and art distribution.


  • 73 unique Re-Tweets
  • 22 unreachable accounts, some may be a fraud
  • 4 co-founders listed on LinkedIn
  • 2 sales of $100 on
  • 1 person opted out from selling the art, kept it to themselves


  • 500 unique Re-Tweets
  • 100–200 unreachable accounts, some may be a fraud
  • 20–40 co-founders
  • 5–10 sales on before the special announcement