Krakin’t co-founder token airdrop — update

The Image of a Twitter post

Airdrop Roadmap

  • Get around 500 unique Re-Tweets or re-posts, while giving the art to each.
  • Develop a DApp for a token distribution
  • Mint tokens and connect the smart contract to a DApp and do all the registrations, etc.
  • List the co-founders on a website
  • Make a special announcement regarding the art sale
  • Make a token presale
  • List the token on swaps providing the liquidity made during a pre-sale


  • 73 unique Re-Tweets
  • 22 unreachable accounts, some may be a fraud
  • 4 co-founders listed on LinkedIn
  • 2 sales of $100 on
  • 1 person opted out from selling the art, kept it to themselves
  • 500 unique Re-Tweets
  • 100–200 unreachable accounts, some may be a fraud
  • 20–40 co-founders
  • 5–10 sales on before the special announcement




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