Krakin’t co-founder token — Airdrop


4 min readMar 17, 2021

Krakin’t has minted its original token with an assumption that the Ethereum 2.0 will lower the GAS prices. KRK token design relies on the low GAS fees, and is mutable. Although we are not sure what the GAS fees will be in the future, we are going to develop everything on Ethereum and then transfer to any other network should there be no scalability solution.

In the meantime, we have realized a potential of dividing the Krakin’t project onto dividends and giving the power to people to decide which path the project should take.

For this reason, we will issue a co-founder token that will have low fees and that can be easily listed on exchanges.

What is a co-founder token?

This is a token that will give you the power to become a co-founder and decide how you’d like the Krakin’t to develop. Briefly, it will be done by the inverted voting system. However, we will not dedicate this writing to explaining the exact mechanism.

Why the airdrop?

Airdrop approach is the best way to make sure that we are going to have a good distribution model.

About token

Token itself will have no decimals, and we will mint approximately 5 million tokens. The token will be placed on exchanges, and much sooner than the KRK token, which is pending the completion of the first-stage of a project. We will keep about 5% of the total, while being open to a possibility of minting the liquidity tokens for exchanges.

Airdrop bounty

We are giving a twist to an airdrop, while the only thing we ask you to do is to promote our art sale by doing a simple Re-Tweet. We will use our art sale to help us fund the Krakin’t project, should anyone be interested in purchasing the digital art. However, the airdrop process will take several stages, and it will not end until all tokens are distributed.

Step 1.

Re-tweet this tweet:

In case you are not using Twitter, please post it on any social media and provide us with a link.

Step 2:

Please message us on a twitter or e-mail

Your message MUST contain the link to a post (or re-tweet) as well as your e-mail address (or at least some way of getting back to you, for example, via Twitter).

We will also accept a simple Re-Tweet and send you a confirmation message when we are about to distribute the tokens. The only reason why we are asking for a message from you is because Re-Tweeting someone’s Re-Tweet will not allow us to know that you actually Re-Tweeted! To be safe, simply send us a message

We will confirm the e-mail (or message you) with an unique artwork that you will use to unlock your tokens, as soon as we collect enough participants.

Step 3:

When time is right, you will be notified by e-mail (or Twitter message) how to claim your tokens using the image you have obtained in the Step 2.

As already mentioned, there are a few stages to this airdrop

Stage 1:

Retweet or post on any social media, then message or e-mail us ( with the link to your re-tweet (or a post).

Stage 2:

Once the airdrop is over, we will e-mail (or message) you with the unique image/art that will unlock your tokens.

Stage 3:

We will mint the tokens, create a DAPP and email (or message) you instructions how to claim your tokens.

About the art that unlocks tokens

The image is going to be an unique piece of art that only you will possess and be able to unlock the tokens with. Please do not lose it, or our DAPP will not recognize you. We are looking forward to having you as a co-founder of the Krakint, as you will guide it on a path of a success.

Furthermore, we will ask you to be listed as a Krakin’t co-founder on LinkedIn and on our website. However this is optional and you will not have to provide us with any information or details, at all. Listing you as a co-founder will help us speed-up the exchange listing, various registrations to help Krakin’t lift off the ground, and develop a community.

An example of the art you will get after participating in an airdrop. Each art will be free, high-res, unique, and it will be used to unlock your tokens.