Imagine an inverse presale that gives you money instead!

Yes, this is exactly what we are going to do.

At first glance, this seems like an impossible task unless we apply the airdrop model. However, we have a better solution where everyone can profit.

As an introduction, let us discuss all the main features of the presale.

  • Presale that can go on forever
  • Presale allows you to get your money back
  • Presale is meant to encourage trading
  • Presale is meant for people to hold their tokens
  • Presale increases/decreases the price by demand
  • Presale makes money too! (as long as you hold the tokens)
  • Presale that allows arbitrage with exchanges

So how does it all work?

Unfortunately, there is no instant solution, and it relies on long-term promises. The only thing that we can instantly accomplish is lower the risk of entering the presale by allowing people to get their money back, with a small fee applied.

The first thing to keep in mind that Krakin’t is on Ethereum, and that the current Ethereum prices are ridiculous. Furthermore, Krakin’t does 3 transfers instead of 1 since we have a mutable token. Therefore, Krakin’t is aiming at ETH2 networks where this will hopefully be solved.

Now, let us take a quick look at this diagram.

So, what is happening here?

Basically, this: if you purchase tokens, a fee is shared between Krakin’t and everyone else who purchased tokens before you. Once you purchase tokens, the contract remembers how much ETH you had and how much KRK you bought. From that point, you can simply put KRK into miner to earn more KRK tokens, you can exchange them or simply do nothing. Once in a miner, you will be earning KRK tokens as well as ETH (assuming that other purchases are made in the meantime). So, whenever you take KRK tokens out of a miner, you can sell them, or you can use the pre-sale contract to get your ETH back (including the earned bonus). Unfortunately, you can only exchange the amount of KRK that you initially bought with the contract (regardless of where the tokens came from).

There is also one twist. More tokens are purchased, the greater the price. However, if more tokens are sold back to ETH, the price becomes lower. This means several things at once. First, there is a possibility of having arbitrage. The price increase makes sure that trade is encouraged, while decreasing price makes sure that at some point everyone will get a chance to use the contract. Also, the pre-sale model can go on forever…. Well, kind of. There is a maximum of 5mil tokens that can be purchased (assuming that people aren’t exchanging them back to ETH). This means that pre-sale is always active as long as it doesn’t reach above 5mil tokens. To prevent this from happening, we have made 1 KRK to 10 ETH price at 5mil, while starting at 1 KRK to 0.0001 ETH

If you like this kind of presale design, please stay tuned-in, more announcements will be made.