How to Krakin’t Doodle

Although title may sound like the new country-music single (probably to be used for a Krakin’t Youtube video intro), we would like to represent the idea of Doodling and how it will be used within the Krakin’t frame of a reference.

To make this writing short and up to a point, here is a link to the famous Google Doodles. Briefly, Google Doodles are meant to mark a significant day, individuals and events by providing a drawing or a fun quick-app with a link pointing to a Doodle explanation as well as the information about the Doodle reference.

Krakin’t will take this fun idea but with a slightly different approach, since Google has already done a wonderful job marking the history. Although mainly Krakin’t oriented, we will use Krakin’t doodles to mark the next milestones in a development.

At the time of this writing, we are going to be concerned with coding the miner interface. For this reason, we have changed the main logo a bit as well as the banner to tell us about the next steps.

Changed Krakin’t logo
Changed Krakin’t banner

These doodles also have a great meaning pointing to the work behind the scenes.

  • They are pointing to the next main milestone

For example, with this Doodle, we can extrapolate what the Krakin’t Miner user interface will feel like. The main theme would be the cave or the mine-shaft with all the vibes the caves bring. You can also assume a cartoon-like illustration.

We will keep all of the Krakin’t doodles in a GitHub directory located here.



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