How the test-net can be used to cheat the business model on Ethereum.

The most common ETH scam is trying to sell the “Free Ethereum”. The free ETH is basically anything that exists on the test-net, and it doesn’t cost anything to obtain it. The good thing about the test-net is that it can be used the same-way as the real network, except that, Ethereum has no meaning and/or cost. Furthermore, we can expect the test-net to frequently go down and is not stable. However, in my opinion only, it is as decentralized as EOS (although a big under-statement) and we can use its functions in a working product.

Given the expensive costs of computations, I truly doubt that any incubating project has the right means to work directly with the Ethereum main-net. So, the idea is very simple. Anyone who wishes to test the incubator can do so without any costs using the test-net. Anyone who wants to get more serious about their business can transfer their data onto the main-net. However, more data they have on a test-net, more it will cost to make the transfer (sooner they do it, the better). We could also offer the service, for a small fee, to make it a smooth transaction.

Furthermore, any money that is earned can go directly into a treasury for the community to use however they want.

This is just an idea and some thinking I had for today, while this approach will be investigated.