How Krakin’t can be used as a Dark-Net and what we will do to prevent it…

  1. Introduce blacklists once the illegal activity or inappropriate behaviour is detected.
  2. Ask users to provide proof of ownership of their project. Projects which do not provide such a proof and have a high-volume trade or peaks are most likely to be observed as a potential illegal activity.
  3. We will share any data with authorities, per request, so they can correlate it with whatever they want.
  4. Any claim of illegal activities will have provide a direct proof on how the Krakin’t was directly involved, otherwise we will not comply.
  5. Certain data will be for sale, while anyone will be able to purchase it and use however they want. Therefore, the compliance with authorities will not be necessary as we will not do any kind of web fingerprinting. If you want the data, purchase it !




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