How Krakin’t can be used as a Dark-Net and what we will do to prevent it…

3 min readJan 14, 2021


The most recent news story is a crack-down on the DarkMarket that had approximately 500K users.

Since Krakin’t will have very loose registration and listing rules, we are aware that Krakin’t can be potentially used for the illegal activities.

One of the ways it can be used for the illegal activities is by trading tokens that are synonymous to any illegal sale that happens outside the Krakin’t exchange. For example, the kitty token can be used for weapons trade or human trafficking, since all data will be recorded on the block-chain. The only thing that such traders need to share are their public keys and encrypted data outside the exchange.

There are only a few rules we can apply prevent such thing from occurring while keeping the freedom intact.

  1. Introduce blacklists once the illegal activity or inappropriate behaviour is detected.
  2. Ask users to provide proof of ownership of their project. Projects which do not provide such a proof and have a high-volume trade or peaks are most likely to be observed as a potential illegal activity.
  3. We will share any data with authorities, per request, so they can correlate it with whatever they want.
  4. Any claim of illegal activities will have provide a direct proof on how the Krakin’t was directly involved, otherwise we will not comply.
  5. Certain data will be for sale, while anyone will be able to purchase it and use however they want. Therefore, the compliance with authorities will not be necessary as we will not do any kind of web fingerprinting. If you want the data, purchase it !

When it comes to authorities, we will openly share any usage data as it will be available for a purchase. However, you will also have the exposure to this data, except knowing which account made which trade request. Yes, we will snitch but only to protect our business as well as the freedom of all users. However, we will reject any requests that forbid us making a public announcement when the snitching is about to be executed. We will also openly report and document the rejections too. Therefore unlike Facebook, you will know exactly what is shared, when, and whom with. You will also know what was not shared, whom with, and why.

We will not constrain the freedom for the sake of a few individuals who would exploit it for their selfish needs. The selfishness works both ways. It is not just the people who commit the illegal activities that are corrupt. Authorities can be corrupt too, and we will not comply with either unless the standards under which we will operate are met. The standards will be carefully crafted to be void of any loopholes, and it will be in compliance with the law under which the exchange will function.