Development status update

Exchange Interface Frontend
  • A new and an innovative way to deposit tokens to exchange, immediately and without registering them.
  • A way to register your account and associate it with a randomly generated account.
  • GAS (Ethereum) deposit to avoid the need for a liquidity. Yes, the exchange does not need any liquidity at all, and you can list and trade whatever you like.
  • Account management
  • Simplified version of the smart-contract to avoid the probability of hacking and attacks, since it will hold a lot of money. We have truncated it into only a few functions.
  • A safe way to unlock your associated account and get your private key with all Ethereum on it.
  • Developed a completely new solution (has not been done before) to interact with the smart-contract.
  • The strong encryption and decryption algorithm that cannot be hacked (unless you hack the source-code). This is also a new and an innovative approach, with a Krakint-invented confusion matrix, where code-breakers can’t see the solution even if they know the keys!
  • A completely independent component that allows us to do the account management, withdrawals, deposits, etc.
  • A union of all the basic functions into more complex procedures.
  • The actual interaction with the backend and the microservices.
  • The actual interaction with the contract.
  • The error handling components.
  • Code refactoring (a plenty of it!).
  • Account registering (for the first-time users who want to deposit tokens).
  • Account associating with the locked addresses.
  • Token spec. detection based on the public key of a token contract.
  • The account unlocking.
  • Registration of the transaction hashes (yes we need it, and it will be explained later).
  • A lot of other things…




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