A brief solution to a voting problem, taking the NFT craze as an example. — How you can own Krakin’t and be a decentralized co-founder!


We were recently flooded by the NFT hashtags from Twitter. The finale was when Mr. Elon Musk posted an ugly video with ugly music, selling it as a digital art. I understand that not all people have a good taste in music and art, but what really grinds my gears is the fact that whenever a celebrity makes a move, even as a joke, people applaud without thinking or taking things for what they are — an absurd.

How does the voting mechanism work?

To give the simplest explanation, try to recall the need to defragment a hard-drive using a Windows OS.

Example of a fragmented Hard-Drive, and defragment software

How will Krakin’t divide its company and operate by dividends ?

For some reason, I was a bit disappointed to see that every single NFT collection is a token on OpenSea. I was hoping to see the NFT as one token where all the digital files are registered. For this reason, we will make a statement with the public notary (only to respect the law and the way it operates), scan it in a digital format, and take the digital file checksum. This checksum will then be inserted into a contract, and file shared as an open-source.