In one simple sentence, what happened to Krakin’t is the Ethereum price increase. It rendered the project extremely expensive to work with, so we have found a way to gather more audience.

The original Krakin’t project will remain on Ethereum, and the development will resume. In the meantime, we have realized the importance of having the people use the product. For this reason, we are creating a simple spot-trade that is entirely based on a block-chain.

The PION token is developed on the remains of the KRc (Krakin’t Cofounder) token.

PION token logo

Original idea was to gain the audience by creating an…

A very small step in a big world. KRc token is getting approved on BSC with our green puzzle-piece logo!

Although our previous airdrop did not go as well as planned, we will try to avoid the possible scams and fake accounts by creating a Decentralized Application (DApp).

The main function of this DApp will be used to build the voting platform, so this airdrop DApp will be the early prototype.

There will be two components. One component is a front-end that will be placed on the free application hosting website. Other component is a back-end service that will keep…

A few days ago, after an NFT airdrop, we have switched the Krakin’t CoFounder token to BNB chain, given the cheaper prices. The original Krakin’t project is still on the Ethereum, and it will remain on Ethereum. This is just a side-project that is meant to bring the audience to startups.

We have made another announcement:

In plain-text: Lets start the airdrop early! THIS IS A BEP-20 AIRDROP 1. Join Telegram 2. Retweet and tag 3 contacts 3. Send message to Twitter with 0x address and a Telegram username

In less than a day, we got around 5000 followers on Twitter. Furthermore, we also got around 7000 members on Telegram! We did not expect such an outcome and our Twitter inbox got bombarded with the messages requesting an airdrop. Most of the messages…


There was an announcement that Krakin’t will do a co-founder token airdrop. However, we have not obtained enough people to distribute the token equally. Instead, we will make a token that functions on an Honour system where users can claim their tokens, as many times as they need. However, there is a new barrier, and that is the transfer price. We want everyone to be able to claim the tokens and become a co-founder.

We will try Cardano, just for fun, although it doesn’t look as complete as Ethereum when it comes to working with the smart-contracts.

We have done…

Artwork Winner

We have posted 500 artworks as the NFT on the and managed to make 2 sales while uploading the content. Next thing we did was the airdrop announcement. We have placed all the artwork in the random order, and have distributed all the ETH that we earned selling the art to people who applied for an airdrop.

As you can see from the Etherscan blockchain transaction, although the price of the art was 0.07 ETH, the amount we have obtained is 0.06825. We have rounded it off to $100 and made a transfer to a first lucky winner.

The artwork which made the sale


Click here to purchase art and automatically participate in a pre-sale at a 10x discount!

Click here to learn more about the airdrop

Click here to participate in an airdrop

The Image of a Twitter post

Airdrop Roadmap

  • Get around 500 unique Re-Tweets or re-posts, while giving the art to each.
  • Develop a DApp for a token distribution
  • Mint tokens and connect the smart contract to a DApp and do all the registrations, etc.
  • List the co-founders on a website
  • Make a special announcement regarding the art sale
  • Make a token presale
  • List the token on swaps providing the liquidity made during a pre-sale


A couple of days…


Krakin’t has minted its original token with an assumption that the Ethereum 2.0 will lower the GAS prices. KRK token design relies on the low GAS fees, and is mutable. Although we are not sure what the GAS fees will be in the future, we are going to develop everything on Ethereum and then transfer to any other network should there be no scalability solution.

In the meantime, we have realized a potential of dividing the Krakin’t project onto dividends and giving the power to people to decide which path the project should take.

For this reason, we will issue…


We were recently flooded by the NFT hashtags from Twitter. The finale was when Mr. Elon Musk posted an ugly video with ugly music, selling it as a digital art. I understand that not all people have a good taste in music and art, but what really grinds my gears is the fact that whenever a celebrity makes a move, even as a joke, people applaud without thinking or taking things for what they are — an absurd.

Looking at the NFTs that are sold at the OpenSea application, I can tell that there is a lot of garbage and…

A new YouTube video has been uploaded:

Exchange Interface Frontend

The main concern, with all centralized exchanges, is that people do not own their private keys. The problem that we have encountered was not the private keys but the cost of allowing people to hold their private keys and yet have the cheap software solution. At the time of writing this text, a simple swap of tokens costs more than $150 USD. Our solution would cost around $20 USD (maximum) plus the cost of token transfer GAS.

So, instead of letting people hold the keys, we are allowing them to…

This has happened too many times. Whenever I place an order, the price falls and the order does not get processed. The problem is, it happens at exactly the same time I place an order and it also happened too many times. With a bit of paranoia, it is very easy to conclude that the market is manipulated by the bots. The biggest problem is, it is so easy to create a bot that the only thing you need is a couple of accounts opened on Binance and API keys. …


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