10 KRK Tokens Bounty

To celebrate the miner contract release, we will make a bounty giving away 10 KRK tokens. As some people already asked, only the bounty winner will get a key to unlock the secret message. Please read this whole text to learn how to win. We are writing about this bounty early, so you have enough time to pursue it. 10 Tokens will be already placed within the miner, and as the time passes, you will gain more. Instead of getting the tokens, you will simply get a key to unlock the encrypted message:

All you need to do is:
1. Go to

2. Follow the instructions from the image below:

The message will provide you with the private key to an ETH account containing the 10 KRK tokens that are already placed in a miner while earning more KRK tokens. You don’t need to worry about the GAS fees. Furthermore, Krakin’t will be burning tokens every month, which means that your reward will grow with it too.

So what is this bounty about and how to pursue it?

After the miner is done and completed, we will work on the second stage of the KRK development. The keywords for the second stage are: “Micro Venture Capital Platform” and that is all we can disclose to a public.

This bounty consists of finding the most useful or the most interesting information based on those 4 keywords. Krakin’t has already planned the platform, but would like to hear from you and what you think the platform should be.

We are looking for any existing document you may find. You could also provide a link to any existing software application. Furthermore, it does not have to be “Micro Venture Capital” it can be just the “Venture Capital”. You can also come up with your original idea of a platform, and it is all entirely up to you. The format does not matter, we can also accept the napkin-written ideas.

We are not looking for a quantity of information but the quality. You can simply provide a link to some existing material or a platform, and that would be acceptable.

Our criteria for choosing a winner will be based on how closely-related the information is to our idea of a platform or how useful the information is. Don’t worry, Krakin’t has already done its research, and we would simply like to see something new, interesting, useful … or simply, to confirm whether we are thinking about the same thing. Should there be a collision having more than one person pointing to the same information, the winner will be chosen randomly.

Please submit your research as a private message to Twitter, Instagram, or Telegram.

There is currently no deadline set, but it will happen after the web-page, miner contract, miner application, as well as the technical writing are released.




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